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How Does it Work


1. Consultation

After an initial consultation, we will plan the mission and obtain the necessary flight permits
Drone Flight

2. Drone Flight

A transport Canada Certified pilot will come to your facility to perform the flight.
Report Delivery

3. Report Delivery

You can expect to receive your digital report within 10 business days of the flight completion

4. Review of Findings

After handing over the deliverables. We will have a follow up discussion to share our findings.

Comprehensive Reports

Health Report

Our report will inform you of any issues and defects discovered. Issues can range from diode faults, cell and multi-cell defects, delamination, faulty junction box and more.

Safety Risks

Detected  issues can be filtered and categorized by the safety risk they pose. Your maintenance team can view this data overlayed on your site as-built and digital twin to easily track maintenance progress.

Financial  Report

Our drone inspections are flown to provide data down to the cell level. With this information, we provide you with insight on the revenue loss across your asset.

Digital Twin

Having a comprehensive digital twin allows everyone from project stakeholders to on-site maintenance to read from the same book. With this level of co-ordination, you can track the performance and maintenance history of each module in your solar farm

Streamline Repairs and Warranty

With module OEM information, you can easily initiate the warranty claims process for modules performing below the manufactures specifications. Once your new panels arrive, your maintenance team can take the digital twin to the field to easily navigate to work orders using mobile geo-location.
Comprehensive Report

Why Use Arial Thermography

Zero down time

ZERO Down time

Inspections can be performed without impacting your facilities operations

Highly Efficient

Drones allow you to cover the same area 10 times faster than traditional inspection methods
Safety First

Safety First

Keep your crew safe and out of potentially hazardous situations such as electrocution, arc flashes, and heat stress...to name a few
Save Money

Save Money

When you're asset isn't performing optimally you are losing money. The data we provide will help keep your plant running at peak efficiency
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Why Choose Pixal 3D

As a solar asset owner, it is crucial that you understand the full health of your asset. With drone technology we are able to deliver timely reports, so you can take actionable steps actionable steps to keep your plant operating at peak efficiency . With yearly monitoring, you are able to visually see straight from your dashboard just how your asset is performing.


Technology Driven

Not all deliverable are made equal. Our interactive maps, accompanied with quantifiable results, are far superior than the typical inspections.


High Standards

Adherance to International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Technical Specification (TS) 62446-3:2017 standards for aerial thermography inspections of solar PV systems.


Real Value

Choosing a service provider that adheres to these IEC standards greatly expedites your warranty claim process. We don’t just alert you of the discovered anomalies, instead we take it a step further by streamline your claims process for faulty panels
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